A Call for Critical Hope: Jeff Duncan Andrade

I had the honor of introducing an urban educator I truly admire this January at the Big Picture Learning Leadership Conference in Oakland, CA.  See his keynote (and my introduction):

A reflection on his words is COMING SOON.

2 thoughts on “A Call for Critical Hope: Jeff Duncan Andrade

  1. Amber,
    I loved seeing your introduction!!! it was SO you!!! And real and heartfelt!!! And I like that he reminded the group to “retain their griminess” !!! I’ve been in lots of Minneapolis Public Schools, including a total lock down school that had only Black and Latino students, it reminds me what I deeply believe in, and keeps me grimy!
    I am glad you finally have a blog!!! Post a page About you!!!

    1. Thanks Mari,
      I am in the process of putting together an official blog/website (amberkkim.com) that will have an “about me” page. Should be up very soon! So excited.
      Thanks for your support. Keep it grimy!

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